Haddon Heights March for Our Lives

It was fitting that the presentations after today’s South Jersey march was held in a park named after two victims of gun violence. Although it’s attendance of almost 1000 people paled in comparison to the bigger marches in Philly, New York, and D.C., the crowd was no less enthusiastic, no less committed to change, and no less diverse than the larger gatherings.

Totally organized by young people, today’s march was as well executed as many I have seen over the years. A.J. Arnold, a freshman at Rutgers-Camden (in the photo above, surrounded by coffins representing those slain in Parkland) was the lead organizer with lots of help from community members.

The lead speaker was Congressman Donald Norcross, whose remarks appear below. Notably absent was Donald Trump’s (and the NRA’s) toady Tom MacArthur, whose name was shouted out several times, but has only paid lip service to gun safety.

Over the weekend, I’ll post additional video, especially the remarks by young people who have assumed the mantle for change and in whose hands the future safety of Americans of all ages lie.

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