Donald vs. Donald

When you’re a Democrat running for Congress without a viable opponent, you need to have a substitute to run against. That’s the gist of Donald Norcross’ announcement today where he surprised no one by declaring his candidacy for re-election. His bogeyman is none other than the man occupying the White House, Donald Trump.

Norcross isn’t a bombastic politician. Because of his pedigree, he is not exactly popular among South Jersey progressives. But he’s a steady vote for progressive initiatives, including raising the minimum wage, affordable health care and education, and was even one of a few dozen legislators who signed up for the impeachment of the other Donald.

His brother George, the boss of South Jersey Democratic politics, is a card-carrying member of Mar-a-Lago, and often anoints candidates for elected office (see NJ-2). So a dose of skepticism is warranted. But Donald Norcross’ voting record is good, and he’s going to win another term. Let’s hope he continues to be a thorn in the president’s side – and with a little luck may actually be in the majority in 2019.

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  1. Brian K Everett

    He might have a good record in some areas like the minimum wage, but in others, like the environment, he’s often voted more with conservatives (see Keystone XL). In fact, he defended his vote for the massive pipeline with the same defense the other Donald used to back out of the climate accord; good paying American jobs…(it’s still on his website press release)

    And, let’s not forget how he voted against President Obama regarding the Iran Nuclear deal.

    He also co-sponsored HR-1737, which stripped financial protections for people of color at car dealerships.

    If you bring his state Senate career in to the mix with the NJ Economic Opportunity Act, and the billions of dollars NJ tax payers have given to multi-million dollar companies because of that bill, we have ask exactly how he could have ever criticized VP Pence and Trump on the Carrier deal?

  2. Anthony Kilgowski

    He’s incompetent and the brother of a crime boss. Elections in South Jersey are fraud. The people who control the BOE
    are appointed by George Norcross

    He and his brother bully people and tarnish them in the media to humiliate and intimidate them from running against them.

    Sweeney and Norcross use to tarnish and defame innocent people like they did Mayor Minor who they wronged along with many others black elected and former elected official who they report misleading negative news. It’s a new day Lynching

    Norcross andnhis family are dirty. They paid off NAACP and many organizations it’s a mess in south jersey and Nothing is being
    Done about these Norcross criminals. That are EVIL bullies. Antichrists 666. It’s hopeless. All we can do is pray God takes this Norcross family down. Prayer changes things


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