Census To Question Citizenship – Time to Sue

US Census is Being Rigged

The Trump Census Bureau is adding a question to the US Census taking place in 2020 on citizenship, creating a situation where immigrants fearing reprisal will be under-counted.  It is an outrageous effort by the right to disenfranchise blue states like New Jersey that have high immigrant and minority populations, while advantaging more homogeneous and white states.

The California AG is suing the federal government to stop it. New Jersey should join suit.

UPDATE: We’re in.
“Particularly in the current national climate, a citizenship question will obviously cause great consternation and discourage participation in the census,” said New Jersey Attorney General Grewal in a statement. “That lack of participation will inevitably have far-reaching, negative effects — particularly in New Jersey, where we have the third largest percentage of immigrants in the country.”

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