Bonnie Watson Coleman proudly wears her “F” from the NRA

This gives me life today. That’s BWC, owning her “F” from the effing NRA. The “F” pin is a thing this week on the Hill. This is fierce, and it’s stylish accessorizing. And I like it.

Now, at the opposite end of worthiness for a seat in Congress is one Jeff Van Drew in CD2. Van Drew has a 100% “A” rating from the NRA. The gun lobby’s blessing used to be something conservative “Dems” like Van Drew used to own proudly as evidence of their ‘broad appeal. But now, despite Boss Norcross’ intention to grease his way to another South Jersey congressional seat, Van Drew’s getting hard questions.

Blue Jersey’s asked exactly what Democratic values are served electing this … DINO? who takes no legislative stand on transgender discrimination in schools, won’t require Trump’s tax returns, doesn’t want the RGGI greenhouse gas initiative back that Christie killed, voted No on marriage equality, cheers pipelines through the Pinelands, and wants the death penalty back.

Are those questions being asked by the Democratic Party? They should be, but no. The party at every level is making it easy for him; DCCC’s backing, which means money, and the endorsement of every county chair in his district, because they know where their bread is buttered.

It falls to the rest of us to ask the questions our low-standards party will not. Newsweek asks: Why Are Democrats Backing a Former NRA Supporter Over a First-Time Black Woman Candidate?

And 17-year-old Emily McGrath was willing to confront Van Drew directly. On guns, which used to be an easy topic. A week after the Parkland gun massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she called him out on a lie he’d just told a crowd of people about his NRA support. This, despite his repeated attempts to turn away from her. If our “Democratic” congressional candidates disappoint, our young ones coming up certainly do not. Cheers to Emily. And cheers for “F” pins on the Hill. Damn, I want one.


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