Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 10-11, 2018

Short Roundup this morning. #midterms

“We are the fighting 15th. I have you on speed dial and I hope you have me on speed dial.” Trenton Councilwoman Verlina Reynolds Jackson will be LD15’s next Assembly member, after winning this weekend’s special convention for the empty seat left by Acting Treasurer Liz Muoio.

Remember when Sweeney was absolutely committed to passing the millionaires tax? Yeah, good times. 

Justice advocates call for change at Hudson County Jail’s disgraceful role in ICE detentions

Ocean Freeholder Director Gerry Little admits he was wrong saying pot is more addictive than cocaine. I mean, 5 minutes on Google could have educated this guy before making such an obviously problematic statement. Or just read Lassiter.

Booker and Baraka. Booker raced back to NJ after shutdown to her an old rival

Red Gerard gets Team USA’ first gold at PyeongChang. He is 17. Be impressed.

South Korea’s president shook hands with Kim Jung-un’s sister, 30-year-old Kim Yo-jong. No such handshake from 59-year old Vice President Mike Pence


CD7: Fun to watch Dem-targeted Leonard Lance calibrate his town hall responses to sound like he agrees with the massive audiences that come out to oppose him at town halls. Lance had his first town hall of the year yesterday and he put some distance between himself and Trump and appeared to agree with nearly every progressive opinion expressed from the crowd. Lance says he supports Mueller’s investigationSnowflack’s take: Lance’s political  tightrope

Malinowski wins Warren County Dem convention, after a runoff vote with Goutam Jois, all other candidates getting 10 or fewer votes.

CD3: Money, money. What Tom MacArthur gets for being useful to the Trump administration – this time from Pence

‘We never had a president who lies like this.’ Carl Bernstein, comparing our current president to Richard Nixon, says no modern president ever lied like Trump.

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