CD7: Tom Malinowski wins Hunterdon County Democratic Convention

Update: Edited, to correct Linda Weber’s vote total, which was 42, not 46 as first reported).

This morning, at the Hunterdon County Democratic Convention, the room and the vote was for Tom Malinowski. Here’s the tally:

Tom Malinowski: 96
Linda Weber:     42 
Goutam Jois:     12
Lisa Mandelblatt: 0
Scott Salmon:     
Peter Jacob:       0 
David Pringle:   10

Item: This was the first actual county party convention in the district. Somerset endorsed after a vote of municipal chairs, choosing Linda Weber. Essex County’s Democratic Chair endorsed for his county; Linda Weber.

Item: Hunterdon Chair Arlene Perez let the endorsement be made by the county convention, but a week before it she announced and campaigned for her favorite, Linda Weber. But Weber fell far back behind Malinowski’s numbers in the party’s vote. A second ballot was not needed.

Item: Each candidate was required to be nominated & seconded. Lisa Mandelblatt got zero votes. That means neither of the people who nominated Lisa voted for her.

Item: Of the 7 candidates in the race, Peter Jacob was the only one who didn’t show up. He was nominated after it was realized nobody had put his name into the race. He got zero votes, so neither of the people who placed his name in nomination gave him their votes, either.

Item: Convention was held in Kingwood, where we have zero county committee members (Kingwood folks, would you like to run for Democratic County Committee?)

Item: A few gasps in the room when that still-big name, former United States senator Bob Torricelli, seconded the nomination for the latest candidate in the race, environmentalist David Pringle, who endorsed Chris Christie in 2009.

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