Socialism, socialism, blah blah blah: NRA’s Wayne LaPierre at CPAC blaming everybody but himself

This was CPAC this morning. Not New Jersey, but I’m flagging it as a public service because on guns, this – and not silly Pres.Trump – is what we’re up against; the gun industry owns too many politicians under the guise of “rights.”

Defiant and probably scared witless by the determination, resolve and impact of a bunch of high school kids who escaped getting shot up by one of the guns he fetishes, NRA’s Wayne LaPierre took to the stage this morning to toss some red meat to the MAGA-hatters convened at CPAC.

He was introduced by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, who all by herself is a font of irresponsible statements – trash-talking white nationalists (as though they’re not NRA’s market), a cheap shot at the late Sen. Robert Byrd (who evolved in his lifetime even as the party the NRA owns has devolved), aping Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez’ “we call BS” (which frankly only shows how badly she scared them) and the traditional shot at the media, because they “love mass shootings.” Well, that one has some truth.

Then Wayne LaPierre came on: Gun laws are just about “more control over people.” Schools are easy targets because gun-free zones. No wonder: That’s a whole new market for the gun industry. Democrats are the problem, because we “politicize” school shootings, we “exploit tragedy.” Socialism, socialism, blah blah blah. Saul Alinsky. Trump cheered LaPierre via Twitter, because Trump. But also this: There must have been some real question at NRA HQ how to handle the righteous anger of rising students, because Washington Examiner reports CPAC organizers left LaPierre’s name off the speakers list after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS, and that speaking slot wasn’t finalized, at least publicly, as of yesterday late-day. But speak, he did. You need to hear it, watch when you can.

Here’s ABC News vid of Wayne LaPierre at CPAC. Short ad you can skip after a few seconds, talking head chatter you don’t need to watch at the end. 

Featured photo: NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre speaks at 2018 CPAC  | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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