Our Elections at Risk, Help Needed From the Feds / How You Can Make It Happen

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New Jersey is one of 5 US states without a paper trail. Eight states have a combination of paperless and paper trail voting machines.  No private sector security agent would tolerate the vulnerability of our aged voting technology. All voters should be able vote with confidence. We need a secure, transparent, modern system.

Our members of Congress can make this happen by passing the Paper Act, HR 3751 in the House and the Secure Elections Act, S.2261 in the Senate. We must work  on getting Republican support so the bill is truly bipartisan. Please make phone calls to your Republican Representatives:

Frelinghuysen 202-225-5034,  LoBiondo  202-225-6572,  Lance  202-225-5361 Smith  202-225-3765 MacArthur  202-225-4765

Q: What would these bills do?
A: These bills would solidify defenses against cyber intrusions by providing voting equipment based on an auditable paper ballot and provide election integrity improvement grants to fund needed system and security updates.

A: The bills would direct the Elections Assistance Commission, to formulate Security Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment recommendations for states to harden cybersecurity. States that follow the guidelines provided by the EAC, would be eligible to receive Federal Funds for needed system and security updates.

A: The bills would require voting machines to pair votes cast electronically with a voter marked paper ballot. This will provide transparency and allow for quick discovery of electronic counters that have been compromised in some way.

These bills have bipartisan support as indicated by the sponsors of the bills and the 9/15/17 Letter from Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist (below).

Investment in Election Security would also serve to improve the economy in New Jersey with the introduction of new voting equipment.

NJ’s absentee ballot system could be easily reconfigured to create a paper ballot system. And this system, over time, will save money as it requires only one machine per polling place. Each machine requires heated and cooled storage, maintenance, programming and shipping from warehouse to polling location.

Frelinghuysen 202-225-5034,  LoBiondo  202-225-6572, Lance  202-225-5361 Smith  202-225-3765 MacArthur  202-225-4765

For Further reading:

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