News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Can a Drug Profiteer win the GOP Senate nomination? In a state with a large pharmaceutical industry, who knows?

Nothing to crow about. Trying to scare crows away from the capital city.

Taxing Weed? One Assemblywoman has an alternative.

Got Bitcoin? Don’t try buying and selling in New Jersey.

Speaking of things illegal in NJ: Don’t drink and drone.

Chris Christie – The “gift” that keeps on giving. His gift to his lottery cronies will cost the taxpayers $103 million. And his gift to Exxon Mobil holds up in court. And his cancellation of the trans-Hudson tunnel is not going to be reversed by his BFF’s faux-infrastructure program.

With ignorance like this, maybe he’s gunning for a job in the Trump administration: Ocean County Republican recants his equivalency of marijuana to cocaine.

Despite Trump’s Promises, the outlook is grim for New Jersey bridges

Racism is alive and overt in Mendham

The City of Camden is falling apart. Literally.

Got ashes? If you’re too busy celebrating Valentine’s Day tomorrow (Ash Wednesday), you can still get Ashes to Go.

Reaching out to those in need. Governor Murphy extends a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Maria and Trump’s incompetence.

Congratulations to New Jersey’s newest Assemblyman. Clinton Calabrese was sworn in yesterday.

Rest in PeaceFormer GOP Senate candidate Jeff Bell.



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  1. vmars

    I love Asw. Huttle’s proposal to increase vending licenses for tobacco and to institute licensing for vaping.

    But that should complement legalized, regulated and taxed marijuana. It is not consistent or logical to support the legal, regulated and taxes sale of tobacco and alcohol while opposing the same for marijuana.

    As long as I can have a scotch soaked stogie, pot should be legal.


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