News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Feb. 12, 2018

Here’s how money for poor families ended up funding luxury homes in Lakewood. Money went from a non-profit that runs a low income housing project in Lakewood to a private Jewish school. Then the school sold land for millions (APP investigation)

We treat them miserably, and yet immigrant families keep making America great (Brian Regal, Kean University)

Public health

Black infants in New Jersey are dying at an alarming rate. Leaders say it can be prevented. Black infant mortality rate is 3x what it is for white infants.

Why are people dying of the flu? Be careful out there (and take a look above at how the flu blankets the USA)

Star-Ledger editorial: The truth about weed and road safety


Murphy’s going to allow Chris Christie’s inner-circler Michele Brown to keep making her $430k salary? Murphy’s going to keep Choose NJ, run by Brown, and criticized when it was used to help Christie boost his national presence before his presidential campaign

Making the public welcome on New Jersey’s beaches & waterfront:  Legislature is again trying to guarantee the public’s access to our beaches and waterfronts.

Assemblyman John Armato (D-Atlantic) was just sworn in last month, but just introduced a bill that could make New Jersey the first state in the nation to require warning stickers on opioid prescriptions

Ugh.  Murphy and Sweeney are off to a shaky start. Does it mean trouble ahead?

Can using ESG factors (environmental, social, governmental) make NJ pension fund investments more ethical? New Jersey’s not one of the states currently using the power of its investment dollar to exert pressure by pulling back investments in companies like gun manufacturers or oil companies.


Booker & Menendez slam Trump on rail safetyas Democrats block Trump nominee for the Federal Railroad Administration

What the Trump infrastructure plan could mean for the Gateway Tunnel

President Big Boy wants a parade. Cartoon & commentary by Drew Sheneman


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