It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day for NJ, and I Feel Good!

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If you don’t know Nina Simone, you don’t have a pulse. Listen to the lyrics. Feel the passion. What an incredible talent, gone too soon.

As I sat here this morning, reading my newspaper (yes, I do still read the paper every day. If you’re not sure what it is, google it.), and scrolling my Twitter feed, this song popped into my head because my new governor, Phil Murphy, was all over both, doing good things for New Jersey.

The long, dark reign of Emperor Christie is over. I wrote about all the ways he screwed us in my farewell to him (and in many other posts along the way). There’s a new kid in town: Phil Murphy. What a breath of fresh air! In the scant four weeks he has been in office, he has done all this (in no particular order):

No doubt Phil Murphy will make mistakes. He’s human. No doubt he will not be able to make good on every, single campaign promise. No politician does. But so far, he is a breath of fresh air for a battle-weary state.

Yes, indeed, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and I feel good!

Adding… I think it’s pretty safe to say we won’t be seeing anything like this…

Public beach closed to all but Christie & family

Or this …

Using a state helicopter to attend son’s baseball game

from Governor Murphy.

* This article goes on to say:

Murphy rejected a different offer that would have broadcast the program free to all television sets in New Jersey. A spokesman for Murphy declined to comment.

News 12 does not reach all New Jerseyans, but neither did New Jersey 101.5, whose signal is either spotty or non-existent in the state’s southern and northern extremities — including some of the most populous areas of North Jersey. News 12 is available only to cable subscribers and Verizon Fios customers do not receive its broadcasts. But, like New Jersey 101.5 did with Christie, the program will be streamed free online, according to the source.

Featured photo of Phil Murphy: Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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  1. Sharon Ransavage

    It is great news and so refreshing. Thanks for reminding us of all the good news and that elections DO matter—let’s make sure we have the Governor’s back as he moves forward with his progressive agenda.

  2. Matthew Brian Hersh

    Great post.

  3. Christine Clarke

    Thank goodness. Refreshing and needed.

  4. Tom O'Neill

    Bravo! I had high expectations, and so far I’m impressed by the energy and direction of the new administration.


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