Gun Violence: NJ Representatives have been turning a deaf ear

Gun violence in America continues to be a national disgrace. Other countries have learned how to minimize it. It’s way past time for the U. S. to do likewise. In the midst of 2018 elections the recalcitrant members of our congressional delegation need to get a stern message from us.

In New Jersey a Wall Township man has joined a statewide association of gun clubs and the NRA to take on NJ gun laws in federal court. Fortunately our governor wasted little tIme announcing he would roll back the Executive Orders issued by Christie.

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence tells us “that, with few exceptions, states with the strictest gun-control measures, including California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, have the lowest rates of gun deaths.” Nonetheless, we dare not be complacent. In the 48 hours following the Parkland school shooting which resulted in 17 deaths, school districts across New Jersey were disrupted by social media threats and rumored threats. prompting at least one district to close and charges against one teen.

While there are further steps we can take in New Jersey, we are witnessing an epidemic of violence that requires federal action. Other states with lax rules endanger us. It may be that youth will join the rising chorus of advocates for new gun legislation, but we already have our own congressional delegation which we must urge to promote sane gun laws. Rep Donald Payne a few days ago spoke out fiercely on the matter saying, “To the families who lost loved ones … There is nothing honorable about keeping silent and doing nothing.”  It is the others in our contingent who have turned a deaf ear to whom we must demand support.

Vote Smart, a group which provides facts and figures on some 40,000 politicians, says “facts matter.” Among other information, Vote Smart tells us how the National Rifle Association rates our RepresentatIves:

All Dems receive a low 7%. Among the GOP, the departing Frank LoBiondo (CD2), Leonard Lance (CD 7), and Tom MacArthur (CD 3) all get a high 93%, the departing Rodney Frelinghuysen (CD 11) receives 64%, and Chris Smith (CD 4) is at 50%. Our two senators are very much pro gun laws.

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