Good on you, APP – Rep. Chris Smith hasn’t had a town hall for years. Today, APP will live-stream their talk with him, with your questions

UPDATED: Blue Jersey reader Jennifer Fluharty says it’s 25 years – not 8 – since Smith had a town hall. She’s even got a cite for when & where that was (posted on the New Jersey Resistance FB page) and she has submitted a question about that discrepancy, as others have too. Well-done, and thank you for the correction

This is a good move for Asbury Park Press. Republican Rep. Chris Smith has held his CD4 congressional seat  since 1981 – 37 years. He so takes for granted his constituents and his re-elections that he hasn’t had a town hall since 2010, despite being asked to many times by constituents.

So, this morning, APP will take the unusual move of live-streaming their scheduled editorial board interview with him. And they want your questions. I had this in Roundup this AM, but it deserves to be amplified.

Rep. Chris Smith Editorial Board Interview with APP – Live-streamed
When: TODAY 11am
Where to watch the live-stream: APP’s Facebook page or
How to submit questions: Post them here at APP’s Facebook

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  1. Jim Silverman

    Yes, I believe his last Town Hall was in 1993. Per the APP article, Smith’s office is claiming he had one in 2010. I can’t find any record of this.

  2. robert vukan

    totally incomprehensible that our rep wont meet with his constituants what a coward


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