For New Jersey’s new arrivals from Puerto Rico


Honey, we’ve come a long way from loudmouth Gov. Chris Christie saying refugees from war-torn Syria are unwelcome in New Jersey – even 5-year-old orphans –  to the Murphy administration’s more humane countenance.

Below, announcement of two sessions here set up to help evacuees from Puerto Rico, where the lights still aren’t on for many 4 months after Hurricane Maria, people are living without roofs in the wreckage of their homes, the suicide rate’s spiking, and FEMA is outta there – and has been for weeks. More sessions to come. Maybe our state gov would always have provided resources like this. After all Puerto Ricans are Americans, and harder for somebody like Christie to make the other just to impress a xenophobic Republican base and belly-flop a presidential race. But honestly, sometimes the Murphy administration feels like fresh air to me.

Thanks to Loretta Weinberg, who originally posted this notice. Please share it with any neighbors who can benefit:

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