Ted Cruz is worried we’ll crawl over broken glass …

Quote of the Day today goes, improbably, to Ted Cruz, in his warning to Texas Republicans:

“Let me tell you right now: The left is going to show up.  They will crawl over broken glass in November to vote.”

Aw, that’s so cute and flattering. Ted Cruz is worried about us. That’s him speaking to party faithful at the annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, named for two presidents who would have nothing to say to one another. Cruz tried to throw a scare into his brethren, talking about how Democrats didn’t stand and applaud for Trump’s every s l o w l y  s p o k e n word, as if that’s in any way not routine for the minority party during a State of the Union speech. Or, you know, somehow more confrontational than some yahoo member of Congress yelling “You lie!” at a president.

Cruz has reasons to worry. His own Dem challenger outraised him last quarter and maybe his race is tightening, which I hope gives him momentum-worries, though he had $7.3 million cash-on-hand at the end of 2017 and Trump took Texas by a cushy margin. Texas being Texas.

Here where things are Jersey, every single one of our GOP-held districts are officially DCCC-targeted, a blessing for the resources but a curse if Washington decides it knows better than we do what’s important to Jersey voters (DCCC being DCCC). We won’t have to crawl across broken glass to vote, because in this state we have alert and conscientious resistance groups nearly everywhere, tuned not only to Trump’s every dumb move but to the electoral route to a better and more responsible Congress – and a better and more responsible Democratic Party. Everybody here is all-in, I know that. So – some upcoming election calendar dates:

April 1: County Committee Chairs to File with Municipal Clerks the Number of County Committee Seats to be Filled at Primary Election

April 2: Nomination Petition Filing Deadline for Primary Election

April 11: Deadline for Change of Party Affiliation Declaration Forms for Primary Election to be Filed with County Commissioners of Registration

May 15: Voter Registration Deadline for Primary Election (evening voter registration available)

May 29: Deadline to apply for a Mail-In Ballot by Mail for Primary Election

June 4 (by 3:00 p.m): Deadline for In-Person Mail-In Ballot Applications for Primary Election

June 5: Primary Election Day

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