“A” Ratings from NRA: See any names you recognize?

Here, via policy analyst Topher Spiro at Center for American Progress, are the members of Congress in particularly vulnerable districts with an A rating from the NRA.

But before that, know who else has an A rating from the NRA? In fact, a 100% rating from NRA? Jeff Van Drew – a pure Norcross product, who if elected to fill Frank LoBiondo’s soon-vacant seat would mean that 17% of our congressional districts would be controlled by a party boss nobody elected, and whose interests are neither progressive, particularly Democratic (or democratic, for that matter) or represent the people who live there.  This Jeff Van Drew. This Jeff Van Drew. And that is why South Jersey Women for Progressive Change is urging CD2 residents to “look beyond the line” and consider the other Dems running for Congress in CD2: Tanzie Youngblood, Sean Thom and William Cunningham.

Angry? Here are the GOP House members with an A rating from the NRA from districts with a PVI (Partisan Voter Index) of R+3 or less. Vote them out. pic.twitter.com/bDhjqWayUw

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