Who’s boycotting Trump’s State of the Union? Who’s bringing guests?

Donald Trump’s first State of the Union (SOTU) is tomorrow.  Not all the political luminaries will be there; some will boycott, including one from New Jersey. A rundown –

State of the Union

Tuesday – 9pm ET  (coverage at most networks begins 7pm)
No cable? Watch it free at CSPAN, White House Facebook, White House YouTube. Also broadcast live at Twitter
Expect: Rehearsed. Teleprompter Trump. Bipartisanship. Cooperation. Lots of American exceptionalism. Happy warrior. Unless he goes off script.
Official Democratic Response: CBS, ABC & NBC will also broadcast the Democratic response (Rep. Joe Kennedy III)
Sick stuff:  Watch – Trump’s war-drumming, “we-love-our-ICE-agents” Year One video compilation, prepared at taxpayers’ expense
Melania Trump: Out of sight since reports of Trump’s porn star payoff, she’s attending SOTU. And bringing guests.
Tickets: Have a typo

Bringing guests:

Cory Booker (29-year old DACA Dreamer Elizabeth Vilchis of Ridgefield, who now leads STEM outreach for kids at Samsung)
Frank Pallone (Rutgers student & Dreamer Esder Chong,19, of Highland Park)
Don Payne, Jr. (Juan Lopez, Dreamer and senior at Lopez Newark’s Science Park HS)
Bob Menendez
 (Patricia Teffenhart, ED at NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault)
Josh Gottheimer (father of Darren Drake, killed in the October 2017 New York terrorist truck attack)

Delivering SOTU Response:

Maxine Waters (on BET)
Bernie Sanders (via social media),
Joseph Kennedy (Democrats’ official response)

Not attending SOTU:

Albio Sires is the only NJ House member not attending so far. His spokesperson: “The congressman is not attending the State of the Union because many of his constituents are offended by the president’s rhetoric and behavior.”
Also skipping it: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
And House members, some of them black, offended by Trump’s behavior and recent comments labeling majority-black Haiti and Africa “shithole countries”
John Lewis
Earl Blumenauer
Maxine Waters
Pramila Jayapal
Frederica Wilson
Gregory Meeks
Jan Schakowsky
Barbara Lee


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