Video: Hunterdon CD7 Candidate Forum, 7 Democrats ready to run against Leonard Lance

I don’t tend to write about the 7th, my own district, in which replacing Leonard Lance is an urgency that reverberates in the blood of every Democrat here (and many of the independents, and Republicans) because a member of my household is working on one of these campaigns. But I will tell you this was a full-house yesterday at the Stangl Factory in Flemington; the biggest event, by exponential numbers, than the county Democrats have ever had in years. My friend Max Pizarro wrote up the Forum at InsiderNJ.

On the video: Six of the seven Democratic candidates took part, with surrogate Marc Lane in for the absent Peter Jacob. From left-right on the dais; David Pringle, Goutam Jois, Linda Weber, Lisa Madelblatt, Marc Lane for Jacob, Scott Salmon, Tom Malinowski. Moderator was Marianne Rampulla. Running time of the video is 2 hours, 38 minutes. If you have limited time and want to skip forward past the locally-focused speeches, you can skip forward to about the 11-minute mark to the start of the Forum. If you were there, or have thoughts on the vid, I’d love to hear your opinions on the race. And by the way, another CD7 forum’s coming up in the Hunterdon area – Jan. 27th in Flemington, hosted by College Democrats of New Jersey.

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