Thanks, New York State. I see what you did there.

Just a quick shout-out to New York State and it’s governor. They reopened both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island open for visitors during the federal government shutdown, at a cost of $65,000 a day to pay the federal employees who staff both.

Let’s face it. Andrew Cuomo wants to be president someday, so that was a smart move politically. He gets to draw a positive comparison between his leadership and President Trump’s, and he gets to remind voters that he knows America is shaped by its immigrants – even if Trump and the Republicans pretend it isn’t – and that New York owns much of the immigration history of what made us, us. Plus, you know, millions of dollars in tourist revenue NYS didn’t have to give up doesn’t hurt, either.

Now that the shutdown’s over – with America’s 800,000 DACA Dreamers (22,000 of them here in Jersey) still in limbo – maybe Cuomo can have a talk with New York’s senior senator Chuck Schumer, and suggest that the next time Mitch McConnell asks him to take him at his word – this time, that DACA will get Congress’ attention – that he not do that foolish thing.


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