Shutdown/Grab ‘em by the Midterms Weekend News Roundup for Jan. 20-21, 2018


What the government shutdown says about the future of the Democrats: They started changing in the latter part of the Obama era, as rank-and-file Democrats became impatient for their party’s leaders to endorse much bolder approaches to inequality and other economic challenges, an impatience that drove the enthusiasm behind Bernie Sanders’s campaign. And since Mr. Trump has been president, rank-and-file Democrats have become energized and aggressive in ways we’ve not seen in 50 years. (Michael Tomasky, New York Times)

This from my friend John Von Achen: AMC decided to run a marathon of apocalyptic movies on the anniversary of Trump’s first year in office. Coincidence, I think not.




Photo: Duane Romanell (from Facebook)



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