Poll: What should happen at Trump’s State of the Union tonight?

First things first. It’s at 9pm. Here’s where you can watch.

What we know about tonight: Bonnie Watson Coleman is leading a CBC protest commemorating Recy Taylor, a black woman who was kidnapped and gang raped by 6 white men in Alabama in 1944, who spoke out publicly but never got justice. We know there are House members boycotting Trump’s speech tonight, including Albio Sires. Many senators and congressmen are bringing home district guests, to help spotlight issues; here’s who’s coming from Jersey. And Rep. Paul Gosar, Republican of Arizona, has asked the Capitol police to arrest any undocumented people who attend the SOTU tonight. If that happens, it may include people who will be with “>Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Frank Pallone, and many other Democratic representatives attending in solidarity with DACA Dreamers tonight.

But what about you, Blue Jersey?

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  1. Christine Clarke

    Donating to the Committee to Protect Journalists instead.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Hat tip Ryn Melberg.
    SOTU bingo


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