Now we know which NJ Govs say “hell” and which say “heck”

Now this is marketing!

I left this out of this morning’s News Roundup because it deserves special attention; actually it’s the first of two videos I’ve pulled for you today. Here’s the short ad made for a new political satire by Paul Slade Smith called “The Outsider.” It opens at the Paper Mill Playhouse January 24th. Starring Chris Christie, Phil Murphy, Christie Todd Whitman, Jim McGreevey, Tom Kean, Jon Corzine, Don Difrancesco and Dick Codey. Some of these little moments are funnier than others, but there’s a lot of good sportsmanship here, and of course it goes to promote a new work getting its East Coast tryout here in New Jersey. Chris Christie was the last to tape his part, when he was already at the Paper Mill Playhouse, for the memorial for a better New Jersey Governor than he was, Brendan Byrne.

IMO, the funniest line belongs to McGreevey.

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