News Roundup & Open Thread – Inauguration Day, January 16, 2018


We’ve been waiting for this day for eight years. It should have been four, but in 2013, most of the Democratic bosses sat on their hands and allowed Christe to grab a second term. And Christie took advantage of it by launching his presidential bid and eventually his on-again, off-again bromance with trump. And exactly 1100 days from today, the bigger and more egregious error will be exiled to his Mar-a-Lago home (assuming it’s not underwater due to global climate change).

A look back at the governor who will be remembered by Bridgegate and his beach chair.

The man who says he’s tired of dealing with the “crazies” is one of trump’s biggest supporters. Another retrospective.

Will Christie’s departure denote the end of teacher bashing?

Christie’s anti-environmental stance is summarized by the Sierra Club’s Jeff Tittel:

“When you look at his record, he is clearly the worst governor for the environment in state history. From his first day in his office to his last day in office he has done more damage than any other Governor. In every area of the environment, climate change, clean water, clean energy, enforcement, and cleanups, he has been a disaster. This may be his last day but his actions will be affecting us for years after he’s gone. After eight years of destruction in New Jersey, it is not a surprise that Christie is one of the lowest rated Governors in state history.

“Our Governor is worst governor in state history for the environment and may even be the worst governor overall in New Jersey. Governor Byrne is known for the Pinelands Protections Act, Governor Whitman, for protecting open space, and Governor Kean for the Wetlands Law, and the list goes on. Governor Christie’s legacy may be undoing the environmental legacy of other governors.”

Soon they’ll have to pay you to take them. Christie bobble-head dolls are priced at his approval rating: Thirteen bucks.


Watch the swearing-in ceremony at noon today on NJTV.

With the Democrats in control of all branches of government, will we make progress? Or will internecine infighting among the bosses and the executive dominate?

Governor Murphy appoints a new President of the Board of Public Utilities. Hopefully, this is good news for the advancement of renewable energy and good jobs in our state.

Will our new governor’s approach be good news for beleaguered public sector unions?

Drumthwacket or Middletown? Phil and Tammy Murphy haven’t yet decided where they will live.

NJ Leslature’s Black Caucus welcomes our new governor, but may not be so keen on his policies toward marijuana legalization.


Among his last official actions, Christie signs a bill that strips the SPCA of the power to conduct animal cruelty investigations. He bans bump stocks – the device that was used in the Las Vegas shooting, a bill that passed in the legislature unanimously.

Because air travel is already so pleasant, if you traveled through Newark Airport on January 2, you may have been exposed to measles.

Watch your wallets. The South Jersey Democratic machine is out for your cash.

More infrastructure woes: Some people in Trenton and surrounding areas are told to boil their water due to inadequate water purification.

Can a historic high school be saved from the wrecking ball? Camden activists are hoping Governor Murphy intervenes in a decision made by a non-elected school board.

What’s good for Florida is good for New Jersey: Lawmakers urge trump not to drill for oil off the Jersey coast.

Trump’s KKK is alive and well in New Jersey.


While our so-called president spent Martin Luther King Day playing golf, many elected officials and candidates spent the day giving back to the community. In this photo, NJ-3 congressional candidate Andy Kim (standing) and the leader of Burlington County Young Democrats Stephen Steglik (seated) spent time volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

Senator Vin Gopal speaking about the King legacy at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Red Bank:

About 100 people brave the wind and cold at a vigil outside of the Moorestown Community Center last night:

Senator Menendez at the MLK Day scholarship breakfast at Rowan University:

MLK Day March in Atlantic City:

Meanwhile, the Racist-in-Chief spent his Day of Service at his Florida golf course.

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  1. Patrick

    Tittel, of course, endorsed CC over Corzine. Not sure how he is still in charge of that organization or why anyone listens to him.

  2. michael petti

    Regarding Chris Christie: good riddance to bad rubbage.


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