News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018




Why should taxpayers shell out millions for anti-drug ads that center on Chris Christie? Loretta Weinberg says there are free ways to tell people that help is available. Besides, he’s old news, and unliked, so hardly a good messenger – even of the good stuff fighting opioids he did before he left (AC Press editorial, which I stated less … politely … than they did.


24% of the world’s people are Muslim, maybe she’s the one who needs the classChatham mom Libby Hilsenrath files federal lawsuit against Chatham school district, BOE for her child having to “endure the promotion of Islam” in a class called World Cultures and Geography Class

Sworn in by NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal: Parthiv Patel,  27-year-old immigrant from India who came to New Jersey when he was 5, became the first so-called “Dreamer” to be admitted to the New Jersey bar yesterday. Murphy chose the occasion to announce NJ joining the DACA lawsuit

Should a private golf course be allowed to lease land from Liberty State Park?

Point-in-Time annual survey aims to count the people who are homeless in New Jersey

Actually not being a racist hasn’t apparently occurred to him. Retired Byrum police chief and ex-councilman Eskil Danielson, who called Trayvon Martin a “thug,” says Eric Garner caused his own death by resisting, and repeats the right-wing lie that Heather Heyer died of a heart attack and not from a white nationalist deliberately driving a car into people during the proto-Nazi uprising in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, wants an apology from the councilman who dared to call him a “racist.”

Birdkiller: A longshoreman working in Port Elizabeth has lost his job after intentionally mowing down a flock of birds

Seriously, have they never been to Boston? NJ has the worst driver, among worst roads, says site that likes to make lists. This I’d take more seriously

What could possibly go wrong? 75 mph speed limit on the GSP? Petition seeks fast change

The good times just keep coming: The value of your house is about to drop by an average 7.5%, says Moody’s. That’s the GOP tax plan coupled with NJ’s reduction in the sales tax rate, part of a deal to raise the gas tax.

BCRO (Bergen County Republican Organization) is a mess and trying to rebuild 


Well that’s 7 things Bob Menendez doesn’t have to worry about. Days after the federal government announced they’re retrying Menendez and his pal the Florida eye doctor, a federal judge acquits them both of nearly half the corruption counts they were charged with in the trial that ended in a hung jury








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