News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

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Flags at half-staff today.


No drilling off the Jersey ShoreNorthJersey editorial calls on New Jerseyans by the thousands to join the state’s dedicated environmental advocates, who fight shortsighted plans by politicians who care little if anything for clean land, air and water, to put a stop to any proposals put forward by the Trump administration to expand offshore drilling in the Atlantic, and especially as it concerns our cherished Jersey Shore.

NJ prisons have banned exactly the book that prisoners and their families should be reading


ACLU is calling on NJ officials to overhaul the state prison system’s book-banning policy after learning inmates were prohibited from reading a best-selling book on mass incarcerationThat book? Michelle Alexander’s brilliant The New Jim Crow, which details how we have used incarceration and the removal of rights to create a racial caste system decimating families and communities of color


Murphy and his family will be in Wildwood Sunday to lay wreaths at the Vietnam Memorial Wall and kick off series of inaugural events that includes his swearing in Jan. 16.

Sidewalk Chalk Christie by Justin Escher Alpert


Wish I got more satisfaction reading this. But at least my coffee was great. Tom Moran: Christie is the most talented politician I’ve ever encountered and he blew it

If only I wasn’t such a nasty, corrupt schmuck, if only people liked and respected me.  Christie thinks he’d be president if Trump hadn’t run


I open InsiderNJ and see this giant profile pic of Joey Novick. Great to see Max Pizarro in Flemington yesterday for Hunterdon Democrats’ CD7 Candidate Forum (and it’s great to see my hometown have state-worthy political news). But slight correction, Max. Yes, Joey was Upendra Chivukula’s campaign manager in his 2012 CD7 race. But it wasn’t Joey who worked for Rep. Rush Holt, that was me. Here’s Max’s write up of Hunterdon’s CD7 Forum.




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  1. vmars

    No, Chris Christie was not the most talented politician. The Bridgegate scandal of using public resources to punish political enemies was foretold by Christie’s use of the US attorney’s office to attack his political opponents for legal actions. He used the office not just as a bully pulpit — which it should not be used for, BTW — but used it to bully powerful people he was angry at.

    The most noticeable time was when Christie used his office and his PIO staff to attack Jon Corzine and the state Senate Democrats for not going fast enough to approve Christie’s friend Stu Ratner to the Supreme Court. And you, Tom, wrote an opinion piece lauding this improper use of federal office as showing the toughness you love in politicians.

    The difference was you cheered his corruption and lies as US Attorney that bullied other politicians, and did not cheer Bridgegate or bullying that impacted every day New Jerseyans.

    The difference is you think breaking the rules, bullying opponents and misusing government resources is good politics, but bad government.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      S N A P.


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