Martin Luther King Day News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Jan. 15, 2018


If we do it right, every day celebrates the work of Martin Luther King, and all those who give their labors and sometimes risk their lives for the common good. It’s going on all around us, every day. Here are the details for today’s official New Jersey celebration. Portrait above is by Ylli Haruni.

Good question by Bob Hennelly at Insider NJ: What would Dr. King say about the Tribune-Sinclair deal?



2018 & 2020


Saving the Great Swamp. One of our writers alerted me to this great documentary by Scott Morris about the people and politics of an environmental fight from long before my time in New Jersey. In the late 1950s, the Port Authority announced plans to build a vast jetport – 10,000 acres – taking towns and destroying the aquifer and wildlife. The fight against it began in a high school and became one of the standout grassroots environmental fights of the 20th century. It airs on PBS so it may come back on the schedule. Here’s the trailer

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