Jeff Van Drew – Democrat in Name Only

State Senator Jeff Van Drew has been anointed by the South Jersey Democratic machine to run for the seat being vacated by Frank LoBiondo in New Jersey’s Second Congressional District. My friend Helen Duda took a look at Van Drew’s voting record.

There are three other Democrats challenging Van Drew for the slot on the Democratic ticket – educators Tanzie Youngblood and Sean Thom, and former Booker aide William Cunningham.  Hopefully as the campaign season progresses, one of them will rise to the top and become a viable competitor. (Disclosure: I have done small amount of campaign work for Youngblood).

Helen Duda’s letter (posted with permission):

As a registered Democrat that resides in NJ Congressional District 2, I would like to know why the Democratic Party is supporting Jeff VanDrew for the House of Representatives in 2018, to fill the seat of retiring (R) LoBiondo.

Jeff VanDrew’s voting record is even farther right than the outgoing Republican!
Prohibit Transgender Discrimination in schools (S3065) – Did not vote
Raise age for purchasing tobacco (S359) – Nay
Require presidential candidates to disclose tax returns (S3048) – Nay
Prohibit blocking entry of individuals from certain countries (S3006) – Nay
Require increased use of renewable energy (S1707) – Did not vote
Reduce Maximum capacity of magazines (A2006) – Nay
Increase minimum wage (A2162) – Nay
Establish NJ Health Benefit Exchanges (S2135) – Nay
Authorize conversion of foreclosed homes into affordable housing (S1566) – Nay
Participate in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (S1322) – Nay
Authorize same sex marriage (S1) – Nay
Charter Schools (S3173) – Yea
Legalize same sex marriage (S1967) – Nay
Handgun purchasing limitations (A4559) – Nay
Eliminating death penalty (S171) – Nay
He also opposed making NJ a sanctuary state and he supports pipelines through protected areas of the Pineland reserve. He only receives 22% from Clean Water Action, the lowest of any NJ Senator, but is awarded and an “A” by the National Rifle Association
Are we going to continue to allow a wealthy powerbroker to decide who we have to vote for? Who represents us, irregardless of their stance on issues that do not reflect our values?
Jeff VanDrew, who George Norcross has “anointed” is not the “Democrat” we need to be our voice in Congress! George Norcross does not hold any elected position in the Democratic Party, and I for one have had enough of his overreach in Southern NJ politics. We need a TRUE Democrat on the ballot in November, not a Democrat in name only! I call on the Democratic Party leaders to be true to their party, not to George Norcross!

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  1. Joseph

    It sickens me that this is the man the Norcross machine wants to represent New Jersey in congress. This man’s policies are anti-human.


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