Frelinghuysen Retiring

UPDATE: From Rosi, adding this brief statement from Saily Avelenda, of NJ 11th for Change. You remember Rodney went after Saily’s job, writing a fundraising letter to a bank board member, calling Saily one of the “ringleaders” of this group opposing him, making a point to say she worked at his bank. A mistake of Scott Garrett-level proportions. Saily put up this statement:

NJ11 will have an official statement, but I want to say, from the bottom of my soul, how PROUD I am of the work this group has done, how PROUD and HOPEFUL I’ve felt over this last year, because I knew WE COULD MAKE CHANGE.
He won by 19+ points in November 2016.
He retires at the end of 2018.


Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen is retiring, according to multiple sources:

Here’s the statement on his website.

This is a big story. More to come.

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