Break a Leg, Governor Murphy!

Before he entered the worlds of finance and politics, Phil Murphy aspired to a musical acting career. The traditional “good luck” admonition to actors as they go onstage is “break a leg.”

As it turns out, every decent governor in the past 25 years, Corzine, McGreevey, and Whitman, has suffered a broken leg while in office. Chris Christie does not fall into this category because he has neither broken his leg or been a decent governor.

So as Governor Murphy works on his first full day in office, those of us at Blue Jersey are saying “Break a leg, Governor.” But please – only in the acting sense. We wish you well.


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  1. Rosi Efthim

    Carol Hoernlein of Bergen County reached out, and asked, Didn’t Christie break a guy’s leg in that car accident he caused?

    Chris Christie has driven unsafely on many occasions. From Bob Ingle and Michael Symons book about him, Chris Christie, The Inside Story of His Rise to Power (written while he was still rising, not falling), they dig up his records: From 1985 (published 2012, but Christie was chauffeured since 2009), he was cited 13 times for moving violations, and involved in 6 accidents, two of those while he was the top federal prosecutor in NJ.

    In the accident Carol means – July 26, 2012, Christie drove wrong-way down a one-way street and collided with a motorcycle going the right way. The bike turned on its side and slid under the car. The motorcyclist was put in a neck brace (I’m not sure if his leg was broken) and taken by ambulance to the hospital. Christie identified himself as the U.S. Attorney and he didn’t even get a ticket.


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