Back to Work News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Congratulations to all of the municipal officials who were sworn in yesterday. Tomorrow night, the two Democratic Burlington County Freeholders will be sworn in by Governor Florio and Senator-Elect Gopal. We’ll be there to witness what will hopefully be the beginning of the end of 40 years of GOP control of the county’s treasury.

“Guns don’t kill people” but four Monmouth County residents missed being alive in the new year by 15 minutes because a sixteen-year-old had access to a semiautomatic rifle. And a Trenton resident also fell victim to the NRA. And across the USA, the list of NRA victims starts off the new year big time.

Can something good come out of the #GOPTaxScam? Will it force New Jersey to finally do something about property tax reform?

What so-called Democrat was spotted at 45’s New Year’s Eve party? Hint: It was GN3 – around 2:30 of this video, with a somewhat blurry frame grab below: (h/t South Jersey Women for Progressive Change for finding this). Given that 45 uses his office to promote his profit centers, our South Jersey power broker is using his wealth to promote the regressive agenda being shoved down our throats. I wonder how much the #GOPTaxScam is worth to his empire? I wonder how much he will help trump’s buddy Tom MacArthur in the 2018 election? If you’re into opulence, there’s more on the party here.

As of January 1, New Jersey minimum wage workers get a raise. But is it enough in one of the most expensive states in the nation ?

Renaissance schools in Camden: A solution in search of a problem (opinion piece by the president of the Camden Education Association)

Atlantic City: Now that it is rid of trump and (soon) Christie, is AC on the verge of revival?

Miss America: Moorestown native and former winner Kate Shindle is tapped to help fix what ails the pageant while Fox “News” alumna Gretchen Carlson leads the group.

Looking ahead: Will the 2020 Census be another trumpian blow to our state?

Pringle at a Trenton rally – July 2017.

Now there are seven in seven. Environmental activist Dave Pringle becomes the seventh Democrat to throw his hat into the ring to challenge Leonard Lance in the Seventh Congressional District.

What else besides trump’s tweets happen an average six times a day? Noice complaints at Teterboro. What’s happening with this airport?

The Jackie Robinson of Professional Ice Hockey. Atlantic City’s Art Dorrington, who broke the color barrier has passed away.

A conservative columnist explains why he’s a Never Trumper.

Hey, Mike Pence: #MAGA!

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  1. deciminyan (Post author)

    As our friends at the right-wing Save Jersey blog point out, one of the faces missing at trump’s opulent Mar-a-Lago New Year’s party was one of GN3’s best pals, our lame duck governor.


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