What to do with foxes in the backyard

For the past five months I have had two foxes roaming in and out of my backyard. They have devoured some 20 squirrels leaving the outer skin and fur as the only remains. They can move quickly and with little notice attack their prey whether it be a small animal, pet or child. Normally it’s only one fox at a time I see. One fox is unlikely to kill me but it leaves me with a sense of disquietude, anxiety (I have a 33lb blind dog) and irritation. There are methods to scare the fox away.

Don’t run away, but rather confront it. You can’t show fear. You don’t want to get too close, but walking toward it between me and the dog makes it back up and think twice about attacking.

Making a screeching threatening sound tells it we are not only resisting its predatory nature but we too can attack it. The sound enhances its own sense of fear.

There are now powerful LED Maglite flashlights. Shine it in the fox’s face. The bright light exposes it and scares it..

A few times I have used a big snow shovel which has no large words printed on it, but reinforces the message that I too am larger than life and can endanger it.

The other large animals often in my backyard are deer (as many as five at a time) but they are not threatening. Whether its during the holidays or at other times it’s the foxes in our backyards we need to stand up against.

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  1. joe kaminski

    Don’t bitch if you live in the woods.

    1. Bill Orr (Post author)

      I live in a suburb. Besides, a metaphor is a metaphor is a metaphor.


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