UPDATE: Got free speech? Well, we’ll see. Join TAPE IN Piscataway Tuesday, Jan. 2

Gubmint transparency > bad local practices.

Staci Berger, an organizer of Central Jersey Progressive Democrats and a involved Piscataway resident, just wrote at Blue Jersey about the local Council’s attempt to stop her, or any resident, from recording a public meeting to Facebook Live. Methinks Piscataway doesn’t realize its out-of-date local ordinances don’t trump the public’s rights at a public meeting. This will be hashed out, and I expect updates (which I’ll bring you) but meanwhile, like Staci wrote at Blue Jersey, Piscataway residents invite their neighbors – and anyone else who backs good government practices – to TAPE IN Piscataway. Please let Piscataway residents in your circles know, but then also consider backing up the people taking a stand for government transparency & accountability. Great way to start the year – next Tuesday night.

Read the background at Blue Jersey.

TAPE IN Piscataway – Defend Free Speech in Piscataway

Hosted by: Central Jersey Progressive Democrats
When: (Next) Tuesday, Jan 2 (6-8:30pm)
Where: Piscataway Township Hall, 455 Hoes Lane, Piscataway (map)
About: Piscataway Township Council is violating the rights of residents to videotape the Council’s public meetings. Join us for a TAPE-IN demonstration at the Council’s Reorganization Meeting, where we will all videotape and broadcast the proceedings in protest of the Council’s illegal actions (which violate a NJ Supreme Court’s 2007 ruling). Legal observers will be present. Together, we can protect our rights and stand up for our community. Facebook event page.


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