Swing Left adds NJ2 & NJ11 to target districts NJ7 & NJ5: Watch

Swing Left has added open seat NJ2, where LoBiondo won’t be running for re-election, and NJ11, where Rodney Frelinghuysen has bound himself too closely to Donald Trump and it’s starting to chafe. That makes 4 districts Swing Left is steering people to, including the already named NJ5 (where Gottheimer’s defending his seat) and CD7, where Lance is in the precarious position of defending turf that Hillary Clinton also won in 2016. (There’s some overlap with DCCC’s target list, which so far includes NJ 2,3,7 & 11).

How it works: Swing Left is a tool designed to connect people not in swing districts with nearby districts where the race will be close/winnable, plugging people in to localized fact sheets about the district, voter contact fundraising, social media and events. Swing Left did this short video with some celebs to introduce the new districts – two from New Jersey, and one each in Virginia, Michigan, and Washington.

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