News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Phil Murphy



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Strip clubs, bribes and blood money: The inside story of a $150M medical fraud.

 ACLU: Though we believe our new framework will improve justice here, New Jersey is an unfit measuring stick for other jurisdictions when it comes to the most important benchmark: mass incarceration. (Star-Ledger file photo)

ACLU-NJ: N.J. bail reform praised, but mass incarceration persists. (commentary)




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  1. Rosi Efthim

    Of all the news above, this morning what gets to me is the stories of the choices families of disabled adults are making. I’m close to just such a family, who live in another state. Their son and brother is happy, healthy and deeply loved. There are so many ways they make him know that he’s special to them, not burdensome, and so many ways they make sure he plans his own future for things that make him happy. And his professional support system is key to all that.

    The story of Nicholas Smith, who cares for Will, 34, was joyous to read. The respect and commitment he has toward Will,41, is palpable and it’s clear Will progresses because of it. Such people are valuable and should be paid well for their work, and those of us who don’t face these challenges should not leave it to these families to advocate for a living wage for home health care aides and direct support people. It is so clearly the right thing to do. We should want that for all our neighbors.
    Will and Nicholas

  2. Rosi Efthim

    I’m sure my friends at Emerge New Jersey would want me to point out that Dahlia Vertreese, the apparent winner in Hillside’s mayoral runoff, is an alum of their program, an intensive training for Democratic women running for office, class of 2016.


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