News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017


Christie says he was ousted as Trump’s transition honcho because he opposed hiring Mike Flynn and tried to warn Trump Flynn had bad judgement and he says removing him as transition chair was a ‘big mistake’ that the country paid for


Mickey Carroll is being mourned today at the Star-Ledger, where he was a reporter. He had a long distinguished career in both journalism and political polling, and was a witness to Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. He was 86.


Trump impeachment vote fails overwhelmingly. House Dems overwhelmingly joined Republicans on  to defeat an attempt to impeach President Trump. But 58 Dems supported the bid to consider impeachment – over the objections of House Democratic leaders, who saw this as a distraction in a GOP-controlled Congress.

No, Donald, Time’s Person of the Year isn’t you. It’s ‘The Silence Breakers,’ accusing powerful men of sexual harassment

But is she allowed to eat alone at a table with him? Newsweek reports that Mike Pence’s wife thinks Donald Trump is ‘reprehensible’ and ‘totally vile’


Well, our attention sure is off Roy Moore and Donald Trump, isn’t it? John Conyers: Resigning, with resentful feelings among some black lawmakers. Al Franken: Making an announcement today, with 32 Democratic senators and counting – including Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – calling on him to resign.

Here’s who gets Franken’s seat if he resigns. Her name is Tina Smith.

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