News Roundup & Open Thread for Day 1 of GOP Tax Scam – December 21, 2017

But does he have any arrows in his quiver? Governor-Elect Murphy plans to fight the GOP tax scam.

The GOP know-nothings. I’ll bet you could include the only New Jersey congresscritter to vote for the #GOPTaxScam, Tom MacArthur as part of this cabal of corruption.

Will the disdain for the tax scam carry over to the 2018 elections? New Jersey’s @PollsterPatrick thinks so.

The tax scam is not the only one passed yesterday. In the nation’s most densely populated state, the legislature advances a bailout for nuclear power plants.

Be careful out there. New Jersey is facing a shortage of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Fixing New Jersey’s transportation infrastructure: Governor-Elect Murphy appoints a no-nonsense Transportation Commissioner with the charter to fix NJ Transit.

Public Health Crisis. Democratic leaders will address infant and maternal mortalityAs trump and the GOP slide the nation to third world status, New Jersey .

Powerful men behaving badly. One of New Jersey’s top television commentators settles sexual harassment suit against Fox “News.”

Credit where credit is due. Christie signs bill to allow certain ex-cons to clear their records.

Off to a good start in sending TMac back to his North Jersey mansion. (photo above) Andy Kim’s first major fundraiser was attended by over 300 people and raised over $30,000. (Disclosure: I am a campaign volunteer)

Good news for Atlantic City The water system will not be privatized.



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