Last chance to kill the Republican tax scam overhaul

<< 12/19/17: The House vote on “Tax Cuts & Jobs” is now scheduled for today. First votes expected at 11:30 – 12:30 and last votes 4:15 – 5:15. Other items are on the agenda. Some of our Republican Representatives may vote NO. For the others: hold them accountable. Never relent. Never forget. >>

Both the Senate and House are likely to vote this week on the tax scam bill. The House may vote as early as Wednesday. Although House leadership seems confident it has the votes, it still can fail if enough Republican members from high tax states and some deficit hawks vote against it. This is our last chance to defeat the bill. In the Senate where the vote will be extremely close our two senators will vote against it, as will all House and Senate Democrats.

As the N Y Times reports, Livingston, which sits in Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s district, is a microcosm of all the forces that will collide in the heavily taxed towns that ring New York. Moody’s Analytics, placed Livingston at the top of its list of places whose housing markets would suffer the most under the Republicans’ plan. According to Moody’s, the tax proposal could carve as much as 10.5 percent off the projected value of homes in Essex County in two years. Six other New Jersey counties made the top 10 on Moody’s list.

“No one gets creamed more than New Jersey from this tax bill,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics. He explained the state was particularly vulnerable because its homes are expensive, its property taxes are the highest in the nation and it also has a high state income tax.

Keep up the pressure on our Republican Representatives by phoning their office in Washington. You probably will not get through to the member, but you can leave a message.

  • Frank LoBiondo (R-CD 2) (202) 225 6572
  • Tom MacArthur (R-CD 3) (202) 225 4765
  • Chris Smith (R-CD 4) (202) 225 3765
  • Leonard Lance (R-CD 7) (202) 225 5361
  • Ronald Frelinghuysen (R-CD 11) (202) 225 5034

As Indivisible says, Hold your members accountable. Never relent. Never forget. The tax bill would leave 13 million more people uninsured, raise taxes on 83 million families, and add $1.4 trillion to the deficit. And why? To give massive tax cuts to millionaires, corporations, and members of Congress themselves. And without a Dream Act, 800,000 immigrant youth will lose their work permits and face the threat of deportation.

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  1. Michelle R Shevlin

    This is the most vulgar abuse of power in my lifetime. That is not hyperbole. I have worked for 40 years, and now this gift to wealthy corporations and people like Warren Buffet will come on the backs of the Middle Class and the poor. I know it won’t be long before the benefits I paid into all those years will be used to subsidize this abomination. Signed, Middle Class Michelle

    1. Bill Orr (Post author)

      Indeed “it won’t be long.” Republican leadership has already stated that coming soon it will make efforts to cut Medicare, Social Security and safety net items.

      1. Michelle R Shevlin

        Some “Safety Net”.


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