Everyday news: Trump vs. Murphy

Every day Americans and New Jerseyans are galvanized by Trump tweets, the Mueller investigations, and Trump administration bad behavior. However, we hear little from Phil Murphy. It’s time for him to take press conferences and let us know where he stands.

On some Murphy proposals, such as a millionaires’ tax, Senate President Sweeney has been taking a “wait and see” position. Speaker Prieto may have one final move to make before he leaves the Assembly. Presumed new speaker Craig Coughlin has also been cautious about what he will support, such as legalization of marijuana.

We know what Murphy promised during his campaign, but he has been largely silent since then. If he truly supports issues like a millionaire’s tax or marijuana legalization, or other new initiatives, he should speak up, explain why and make an effort to gain additional public support. He cannot count on the legislature to agree with his proposals. Indeed, Democrats do disagree with each other.

At his victory party in Asbury park Murphy  blasted Trump and said his administration would oppose Trump “with steeled spines.” However, Trump is an easy target these days. More important is knowing specifically what Murphy will do. And the sooner we learn, the more effective we can be in supporting those progressive initiatives he seeks.   

Murphy is our new leader. It’s time for him to lead. He does not have to be bossy, egotistical, Machiavellian or obnoxious like the departing governor. There are other ways to get a point-of-view across. It has been reported that he plans TV ads soon to promote his objectives. That makes sense, but ads are no substitute for speaking out, talking with the press, and using meetings and Town Halls.

Lest Murphy continue to be buried under Trump crap, while missing opportunities to let us know what he wants, it’s time for him to step into the spotlight, grab the attention of the press, and convince the public he is on the right track. Then his proposals will have more likelihood of success.

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