Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ National Security Strategy – Watch

Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy (NSS) is his blueprint for foreign and military policy but it also sheds light on what this administration will base much of its policy on going forward; trade negotiation, defense spending, and our relationships with other nations. Among the challenges it identifies are rogue nations like North Korea, and a coming “great power competition” with “revisionist powers” in China and Russia, and Isis. Climate change is eliminated as a threat to our national interests, which not only represents big change from Obama’s NSS, but removes a key point of agreement and cooperation between many nations. The following words are used to describe domestic Coal, oil, and gas: clean, affordable and reliable. And, according to the NSS, stimulating the national economy, and critical for competitiveness. We will unravel global warming rules, instead we’ll “Embrace Energy Dominance.” There’s a fair amount of testosteronic language like that.

It repeats some of the America First themes in Trump’s dystopian, simpleton inaugural speech. Seeing it in document form, printed up by the White House just as if a competent president produced it, is unsettling. This is dressed up to look like a path forward but it’s more likely a document produced to serve as an excuse for whatever unwise direction an incapable, ego-driven president stumbles down.

Read the document: President Trump’s National Security Strategy. Trump just finished his speech outlining the NSS a few minutes ago – you can watch. Pence’s intro begins at 31:55, Trump speaks at 35:10 – Watch here.

The America First direction recalls two items for me. First, much of this president’s business history had him peddling foreign-made goods; Trump’s MAGA caps, chandeliers, dress shirts, suits, ties, and pretty much Ivanka Trump’s entire line, not to mention this long list. Hypocrisy of all kinds is standard in this White House. The second, is Trump’s anti-intellectualism and ignorance of even recent history. ‘America First’ is a loaded phrase for a lot of people, recalling anti-Semitism, and isolationism.

Remember that aviation hero and New Jerseyan Charles Lindbergh blamed American Jews for getting us into World War II.

“The British and the Jewish races,” he said at a rally in September 1941, “for reasons which are not American, wish to involve us in the war.”

This isn’t the kind of White House where anybody in decision-making capacity pays much attention to that.




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