A few minutes ago, President Donald Trump signed the Republicans’ tax overhaul into law. From his desk, he used both the words “tremendous” and “fantastic” to describe it. Next he’s off to Florida, to his campy-vulgar Mar-a-Lago to relax at at taxpayers’ expense. What, him worry? He’s not concerned about the impact on millions of Americans, or the fact that this foolhardy legislation has low poll numbers just like he does. No, he’s got what his team sees as a legislative win, after a year of a lot of saber-rattling to misdirect your attention away from their scandals but nothing that looks like an accomplishment. This isn’t either, to anyone but them.

I recommend a shot of bourbon for days like this, but if schedule, taste or sobriety warn you off that, I recommend this article updated this morning. New Jersey’s one of the reasons, despite the fact our voter turnout cratered. And Bill Stepien makes an appearance. Y’all remember Chris Christie’s 2-time campaign manager and Deputy COS is now Trump’s White House political director. This week, Stepien was still trying to sell the press some happy bullshit about Republicans’ outlook for the midterms. But he shouldn’t count his chickens. No, 2018 came early and it’s ours, but only if we make it happen. Headline’s a link to the POLITICO piece, and Alex Isenstadt’s not the only one telling the same story this week.

Photo above: Trump with RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel. (Susan Walsh/AP). Photo of Trump: Jabin Botsford/Washington Post

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  1. Bill Orr

    Money, ego and power drive Trump. We can do little to change him. Impeachment just puts Pence in office and he is smoother and even more committed to conservative causes.

    What we can and must do is work our asses off to assure that one or both houses of Congress flip to Democrats in 2018. That will put a giant brake on Trump and bring about better governance. Yes we can.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Yes we can. This, from 2008, is somethingI go back to a lot. Not just for Barack Obama’s imperfect presidency (which I miss in my bones), but because of the way that we – or as Harvey Milk once sad, “all the us’s” – made a president. Felt it with Bernie Sanders, too – “Not me, us.” I love this video so much.


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