Will Rodney Frelinghuysen show up? CD11 Congressional Candidate Forum is Wednesday. Here’s why you should care.

When Rodney won’t show up to town halls, this does

Rodney’s invited, and his Republican primary opponent is confirmed, along with all the major Democratic challengers. I expect Wednesday Congressional Candidate Forum in CD11 to be compelling stuff. But oh my, it would crackle if Rodney Frelinghuysen surprised literally everybody and walked in the door. Despite escalating requests for the congressman to meet with constituents in a town hall setting, he hasn’t had one for years, literally phoning it in, with invitation-only “phone town halls” and forcing residents to hold town halls without him. For Wednesday’s candidate forum, seats in the venue’s small room are already sold out, but it will be live-streamed – with community discussion following – on the Drew University campus.

Here’s why CD11 should have your attention, whether you live in it or not:

  • Frelinghuysen is mistake-prone: From going after the job of an opposition advocate to bone-headed votes, Rodney’s so used to re-election he may not be ready to compete in a meritocracy with a standout Dem.
  • Aid & comfort for Trump: Rodney’s the walking-talking 1%; he’s not adaptable, even for self-preservation.
  • And he can’t count on CD11 always being like him: 21 days ago, this happened.
  • NJ11 is DCCC-targeted: Money, attention, press can all grease the wheels to take the seat, though I hope locals make sure neither DCCC or national groups like EMILY’s List can overwrite campaign direction.
  • Money, money: So far, the 11th is shaping up to be the best-funded operation
  • Cook Political Reports: Shifted NJ11th from Lean Republican to Toss Up
  • Organized opposition is fierce: NJ 11th for Change is ON IT.
  • Ruh-roh, Rodney: They’ll be more press like this. Call Scott Garrett; he’ll walk you through it.

About the Candidate Forum: All of the declared candidates have been invited to attend. Notably, Rep. Frelinghuysen has given no indication that he will attend. Confirmed participants include: Republican primary opponent Martin Hewitt, and Democrats John Bartlett, Mitchell Cobert, Tamara Harris, Mikie Sherrill, and Mark Washburne. An additional Dem, Jack Gebbia, is not listed as confirmed. Moderator is: Herb Jackson, Washington correspondent for The Record/USA Today.

Forum seats are already sold out. But – Morristown Unitarian Fellowship seats were very limited and already sold out. You can still, however, watch the live-stream on the Drew University campus, which will be followed by a community discussion there.

Watch the live-stream at Drew University
When: Wednesday, Nov. 29 (7-9pm)
Where: Dorothy Young Center for the Arts (Concert Hall, Drew University) 36 Madison Ave., Madison
Hosts: Drew Freedom School Initiative, NJ 11th for Change, Blue Wave NJ
More info & participation
Also note: Blue Wave is co-hosting a CD7 Congressional Candidate Forum Dec. 6. More on that later.

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