Weekend News Roundup for Nov. 25-26, 2017


5 black churches have been vandalized in Morristown. Phil Murphy denounced it in a tweet

Do you live in one? The 36 towns that voted for Donald Trump and Phil Murphy

Free county college tuition: 5 reasons why it could be coming to NJ

What the hell was that fireball that streaked across the sky over the Atlantic Friday night?It was witnessed by dozens of New Jerseyans – and by people in 9 other states, too

Heartbreaking: Shuri Henry, killed in the Newark carjacking, was organizing meeting on community violence

Plainfield father & son separated by incarceration, find redemption in movie collaborations

More election good news: NJ Dems make voter registration gains in key congressional districts

Tom Moran: NJ millionaires’ tax hike is losing support

So let’s not do anything to screw that up for them: Southern Cape May County’s commercial fishing industry is worth $85 million, according to a recently released federal report.


Trump returns to Mar-a-Lago. So do busloads of protesters: They came by the busloads from Miami and Orlando. Husbands, wives, children. Housekeepers from Disney World. Cooks from some of Miami’s most luxurious hotels. They were maintenance workers, dishwashers, waiters and farmers. Many own homes, pay taxes and volunteer in their communities. Many of these hospitality union workers are immigrants, and Trump intends to deport them from America.


The Voices in Blue America’s Head: For years, liberals have tried and failed to create their own version of conservative talk radio. Has Crooked Media finally figured it out? 

2020 presidential election is Bernie Sanders to lose, according to a new survey conducted by The Hill of more than a dozen top Democratic Strategists

Sanders leads Trump in a 2020 poll, but Biden, who hasn’t really staked out any issues yet, does even better

Law expert John Bonifaz just won big in Floridanow he’s working to oust Trump from the White House 

Cartoon & Commentary from Drew Sheneman on how thoroughly conservative voters got hosed.


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