Wednesday at Eagleton: The Morning After

So here (below) are the details of The Morning After, a tradition at Eagleton, which you should go to if you possibly can. Tickets are free, but the room’s not huge. It is in fact the morning after (hence), but not so early you won’t have a chance to sleep off your pizza-fueled field blitz or that late-night victory (or defeat, is also a possibility) party. It’s good time. As usual, TMA is hosted by the affable, John Weingart, Associate Director at Eagleton; he of the dry wit and amusingly-titled radio show.

Nominally, the panel will discuss Virginia as well. But screw Virginia. VA sucked up most of the energy this cycle, which it alone shares with New Jersey. Their Guv race just has more juice than ours does. This is one reason why. And this is another. Expect most of the attention of Wednesday’s worthies to be on New Jersey’s comparatively dull gubernatorial election. (Kim Guadagno wants me to eat those words, but she can’t make me). And the ugliness some of its legislative races, particularly the grudge match between NJEA and Steve Sweeney, in which the teachers’ union backed a Christie/Trump Republican against King Democrat who, straight-up, did them wrong (methinks this splashes back on NJEA). The race that ate up all the money  – and generated all the drama that the Guv election didn’t. In the other legislative races, my hope is TMA’s panel is abuzz Wednesday about the new crop of Jersey Girls Women who frustrated Hillary supporters (and their own damn fine campaigns) will bring to victory. I see you, Lacey Rzeszowski (LD21), Lisa Bhimani (LD25), Christine Chen & Laura Shaw (LD23), Jennifer Hamilton  and Gina Trish & Kate Matteson (LD24), Laurie Poppe (LD16). This is as identity politics as Rosi gets, cheering these fab women on (they make it easy). But it’s not all sunshine. The darkest stain on this election, like I told an out-of-state political friend of mine today, is New Jersey getting a national reputation for ugly, racist campaign lit – all produced by seasoned communications strategists who have to live with themselves now forever. I hope New Jersey tells them all where they can stick it. Vote!

The Morning After – New Governors for New Jersey and Virginia
When: Wednesday, Nov. 8 – 9:30am
Where: Eagleton Institute of Politics – 191 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, Rutgers Campus
RSVP here (better hurry)
Host: John Weingart
–  Jack Ciattarelli – New Jersey State Assemblyman, 16th District (the seat he’s vacating is one of NJ’s hot races)
–  Nick Corasaniti – Digital Correspondent, The New York Times
–  Michael Hill – Correspondent, NJTV
–  Julie Roginsky – Democratic Political Consultant and President, Comprehensive Communications Group

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