Polls don’t close till 8. If you get a knock at the door …

It’s raining. It’s cold and miserable. It’s raining in Virginia too, has been for hours. I was planning to go down to Asbury Park for the Murphy/Oliver shindig, but I think it’s going to be hours till my feet return to human temperature. I’m no longer made for field; I’m barely made for dashing to my car in a downpour.

So I want to say something to the field teams who are still out: You are awesome. You are amazeballs. Pizza-fueled, Halloween-candy leftover chomping, water bottle-slinging, cheap poncho-wearing field people, you are gold. And, for everybody else, if you’re home right now, and you get a knock at your door from some weary, wet field person, sent to your address on a knock-and-drag assignment, please don’t resist going out in the cold to vote. Pull on your rain boots (or whatever) and do it, and let that person cross your name off her list. It’s the least you can do for the rockstar standing at your door, wet and cold and determined to drag you to the polls. Go. Vote.

Below, Sen. Loretta Weinberg with LD37th’s field crew.  

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