Phil Murphy’s Election Day BurlCo Stop

The Burlington Center Mall epitomizes everything that is wrong with 8 years of the Christie/Guadagno administration and over 40 years of Republican control of Burlington County. The 670,000 square foot mall strategically located at a New Jersey Turnpike exit and on a major county thoroughfare is in disrepair with less than a handful of stores still operating. The county’s economy has suffered tremendously under GOP control.

So it was a fitting place for an Election Day rally for gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy as he spends today encouraging voters throughout the state. A crowd of about 200 people heard Murphy’s remarks as he used his nearly hoarse voice to talk about the middle class, the economy, the importance of getting out the vote, as he introduced his family, and as he energized campaign volunteers to sprint to the finish line. Here’s a snippet…


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