Obamacare Open Enrollment Nov. 1-Dec. 15. Let’s call this a public service announcement.

Since our current president is determined to starve the Affordable Care Act, without regard to the impact on the health of millions, it falls to President Obama, who is willing to do more to keep you informed than the guy in the Oval Office now wants to. Today, in fact, Donald Trump is urging Republicans in Congress to immediately considering repealing Obamacare’s “unfair and unpopular” individual mandate, so he can free up funds for the tax cuts he’s been promising. TheBiggest Tax Cuts EVER,” he tweeted today.

So, Obama is here to remind you. Go to HealthCare.Gov. ACA’s open enrollment period starts today and goes through December 15th. As I write this, government employees whose job it is to make sure you know now’s the time to get a plan, change your plan, or update your qualifications, are being let go. Clearing out their desks. The Trump administration has shortened the open enrollment period and is spending 90% less on advertising to let you know when it is. So, Barack Obama’s here to let you know:

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