NJ Legislature: The lame ducks are quacking

Our Legislature is now busily quacking away in the lame duck session. All bills not passed by early January come to an end and have to be reintroduced after the new session begins on January 9. Bills passed in the last 10 days of the current session can be “pocket vetoed” by the governor. Most bills which Christie would likely veto, such as funding Planned Parenthood or a millionaires’ tax surchage, will be held back until Phil Murphy becomes governor.

Nonetheless, there may be an effort in the current session to pass a bump stock ban. The cap on police and fire salaries is set to expire at the end of the year and Democrats have not said whether they would renew the cap. The Legislature is on the verge of rescinding a new rule that would allow more residential development in the Highlands Other interesting items are under review and some will be passed. Don’t be surprised if last-minute bills are introduced and rushed through to avoid notice.

Below are selected bills now under review with a corresponding Senate or Assembly committee. For more information on what committees are meeting today go here. For more information about a specific bill go here and enter the bill number (such as A97)

  • A5200 (pending intro and referral) Quijano/Oliver/Prieto/Greenwald/Houghtaling/Downey/Lagana – Establishes criminal penalties for sale and possession of certain firearm components [bump stock ban]. Law and Public Safety.
  • S-3559 (Sweeney) (pending intro and referral) Provides certain immunity to board of director members and employees of private schools for students with disabilities if they report incidents of bullying in compliance with school policy. Education.
  • A96 Amends State construction code to increase fire safety in large residential projects. Housing and Community Development.
  • A97 Amends State construction code to increase fire safety at certain construction sites. Housing and Community Development.
  • A2430 Requires anyone receiving opioid antidote to treat drug overdose be provided with information concerning substance treatment programs and resources. Health and Senior Services.
  • A4753 Establishes pre-loan counseling requirements and borrower right of rescission for reverse mortgage loans. Financial Institutions and Insurance.
  • A4707 Prohibits residential substance use disorder treatment facilities and aftercare facilities from denying admission to individuals receiving medication assisted treatment for substance use disorder. Passed in the Senate, now in the House. Health and Senior Services.
  • S3118 Requires practitioners to check prescription monitoring information before issuing certain prescriptions to emergency department patients. Passed in the Senate, now in the Assembly. Health and Senior Services. Health & Senior Services.
  • A3747 Establishes innovation zone program to stimulate technology industry clusters around New Jersey’s research institutions; allows certain technology businesses located in certain innovation zones to receive certain tax credits under Grow New Jersey Assistance Program. Commerce and Economic Development.
  • S3304 Requires AG to conduct audit of untested sexual assault examination kits. Passed by the Senate, now in the Assembly. Law and Public Safety.
  • A4780 Removes certain bars to employment for convicted offenders. Law and Public Safety.
  • A3444 “The Smarter Lunchroom Act;” promotes healthy food choices in school cafeterias. Passed the Assembly, now in the Senate. Education.
  • A3655 Requires board of education to display information about child abuse hotline in each school. Passed in the Assembly, now in the Senate. Education.
  • A1670 Aca (1R) Establishes Office of Student Loan Ombudsman; regulates student loan servicers. Passed in the Assembly, now in the Senate. Higher Education.

Feel free to add other bills or developments of interest to you.

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