News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Phil Murphy’s Campaign Promises: ①  – Governor-Elect Phil Murphy says one of his first actions will be to work with his fellow Democrats to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage to a livable $15 an hour.

Phil Murphy’s Campaign Promises:  – the reinstatement of the millionaire’s tax – won’t drive the wealthy from the Garden State as Republicans claim. But guess which Democrat is wavering?

Phil Murphy’s Campaign PromisesRecreational marijuana by mid-year 2018 may be a reality. NJ-ACLU leader chimes in.

Arbitration Cap: Will the salary caps for police and fire be extended past the Christie administration?

If Robert Menendez Runs for Re-Election, what are his chances? 538 says they are pretty good given he’s an incumbent running in a blue state.

Democrats Behaving BadlyNJ ELEC files numerous complaints regarding violation of campaign finance laws against Cumberland County Democratic officials.

Republican Behaving Badly – After being the only New Jersey representative to vote to raise taxes and cut government services for poor and middle-class New Jerseyans, Congressman and Trump Administration Wannabee Tom MacArthur conducts a publicity stunt requesting a convo with the governor-elect (below). One Freeholder-Elect responds.

Clergy Behaving Badly  – Trenton pastor who deceived local family tries to right his wrongs by restitution

Doctor Behaving Badly – Medical license permanently revoked for overprescribing.

Judge Behaving Badly – A federal judge, appointed by Dubya, strikes down buffer zones at North Jersey abortion clinic.

Do you live in South Jersey? Get ready to dial three more digits to call your friends and neighbors.

Confederate Statues are one thing. But naming a road after Chris Christie is a bridge too far.

As part of its well-regulated militia, should New Jersey recognize concealed carry permits from other states?

Shame on Us: New Jersey ranks 35th among states on maternal death rates. Senators Vitale and Ruiz are trying to address that issue.


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