News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, November 14 2017

The “Town Hall” that Wasn’t. Congressman Tom MacArthur brings Treasury Secretary (and John Oliver look-alike) Steve Mnuchin and First Daughter Ivanka Trump to Bayville to an invitation-only meeting to discuss Trump’s Reverse Robin Hood tax proposal. But while the one-percenters were ensconced inside, they were outnumbered by the protesters braving the cold and rainy weather outside. Several folks known to the Blue Jersey community were among those protesting. Asbury Park Press editorial compares this event to selling snake oil. Governor-Elect Phil Murphy calls the MacArthur/Trump plan “a sham.”

Waffling on marijuana legalization. New Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin won’t commit to supporting one of Governor-Elect Murphy’s signature campaign promises, the legalization of pot.

Another election promise: Will New Jersey become the second state to charter a public bank?

Replacing the wind bag with wind energy. Once Christie is gone, the future of clean wind energy looks bright for New Jersey.

The nightmare is (almost) over. Phil Murphy names his transition team.

Menendez Trial, Jurors are deadlocked, but the judge orders them to continue deliberations today. Will the trial become a circus? Six things you probably didn’t know about the investigation.

Revitalizing Trenton. Christie’s plan to move some state offices away from the central downtown complex is punted to Phil Murphy.

Every vote counts. Atlantic County races may ride on the provisional ballots.

League of Municipalities annual convention starts today in Atlantic City.

Trenton Politics: Paul Perez is running for mayor.

Campbell’s Field from Ben Franklin Bridge

New Jersey Congressional Delegation: Will George Norcross’ anointment of conservative Senator Jeff Van Drew be a death blow to Tanzie Youngblood’s campaign to be the second woman in our House delegation?

What Norcross wants, Norcross gets. And what Norcross doesn’t want gets demolished.

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