News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Police Brutality in New Jersey. Most of New Jersey’s cops lay their lives on the line every day. But some go rogue.An Asbury Park Press investigation

Only Seven? Chris Christie’s seven biggest gaffes.

This man has more compassion in his pinky than trump has in his entire body. Homeless man who benefited from $300K raised by New Jersey couple says he will donate the bulk of the money to charity.

Marijuana Legalization. Will the new governor get the support he needs? Will insurance companies use legalization as a reason to increase your auto insurance premiums?

Bipartisanship or Impotence? With the Democrats controlling the legislature and executive branch, what’s the best path forward for the New Jersey GOP to influence the agenda?

Slavery was not limited to the South. Camden honors the victims of slave trading.

Congress 2018. Can Mickie Sherrill topple Rodney Frelinghuysen?

One step forward, one step back. While it seems that the dirty energy proponents will be building an explosive and leak-prone pipeline through the Pinelands, at least some of the more environmentally-fragile areas will be protected from off-road vehicles.

Risking the environment an airport primarily used by the wealthiest among us.

Lawyers behaving badly. I sat on a jury a couple of years ago where Robin Lord was the defense attorney. She does her homework. She won that case too, but the losing prosecuting attorney was a bit more civil in that case.

This is What America is About. In South Jerseyhelping newcomers celebrate a quintessentially American holiday .

Dehumidifying the Bridge. Who knew that bridges needed dehumidification?

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